"scale sales and profits exponentially"

CP Capital’s mission is to help founders of early stage consumer products companies realize their personal and financial dreams by scaling sales and profits exponentially. Unlike the way traditional private equity operates, we partner directly with founders and provide vast amounts of value-added resources including over 50 of North America’s most talented salespeople, product development experts, and an international supply chain.

Our Leadership

Corey Lieblein, Founder/CEO

Corey has spent his career as an entrepreneur in consumer products and now brings his unique skill set of sales, marketing, product development, and negotiations to CP Capital as CEO.

Corey founded Innovative Technology / Victrola in 2004 and served as CEO for 16 years, overseeing Victrola’s growth from concept to the worldwide market leader in record players and nostalgic electronics. During that time, Corey built Innovative Technology / Victrola into a nationally recognized brand whose products have found their way into tens of millions of homes throughout North America.

Corey has a deep passion for entrepreneurship, product development and sales. He loves working with early-stage entrepreneurs to help scale from obscurity to national recognition.

Jim Stack Profile

Jim Stack

Aly Jensen Profile

Aly Jensen

Tim Jensen Profile

Tim Jensen

In 1996 Tim Jensen, Ally Jensen, and Jim Stack founded HNW Marketing with the vision to assemble Non-Book Vendors and present these products for sales on the newly formed website called Amazon.com

HNW was successful with its mission and was one of the first marketing groups to set up non-book items on Amazon.com. HNW not only assisted with working with the Amazon buying teams to onboard non-book products, they also created many of the systems that are still used by Amazon today such as; the New Item Setup sheet, back end rebates, mail-in-rebates, and product detail pages.  Further, HNW was the FIRST Non-Amazon employee to create the HTML code for the Enhanced Content (A+ Content).

Today, over 24 years later the HNW Team is stronger than ever!  HNW has…

  • Sold over $4 Billion of Consumer Products to Amazon
  • Achieve over $400 Million in annual Amazon sales
  • Work DIRECTLY with Amazon Merchants and are on Amazon’s Campus Daily
  • Work with our suppliers to create A+ Content, SEO Optimization, Inventory Planning, Deals of the Day, etc.