"innovative strategy is what makes us so unique"

Our Business Model

CP8 Capital’s innovative strategy is what makes us so unique in the private equity investment field. Traditional private equity firms invest significantly in established companies with strong management teams, steady growth and stable product offerings. In contrast, our ideal acquisition target may have limited access to retail & e-commerce customers, early-stage experience in product development, and a limited understanding of manufacturing. CP8 partners with early-stage consumer products companies, make equity investments, and work intimately with our acquisitions to scale product offerings/sales exponentially.

Our model is built to support rapid sustainable growth. We maintain strict pricing discipline, partnering with companies with low technology risk, focused regional sales presence and defensible industry positions. Our firm specializes in anticipating megatrends and changes to tariffs and regulatory policies, demographics, health and lifestyle, urbanization, technology, and sustainability. We maintain significant shareholder stakes in our portfolio of companies and with real growth, we look for profitable exit opportunities when strategic opportunities emerge.


CP Capital’s sales teams pride themselves on building sales strategically with our retail/e-commerce partners to ensure long, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Keys to success

Our 50 North American sales experts

Strategically located throughout North America, CP Capital’s sales teams have deep-seated relationships with the largest retail/e-commerce customers.

Product development

Using its expertise in product development, CP Capital assists its partners not only in developing the next generation of products, but by working side-by-side to ideate complementary category introductions.


Whether it’s with customers or factories, the CP Capital team achieves the best results through our proven negotiation methods.

Foreign manufacturing/supply chain management

CP Capital’s Hong Kong team works alongside our partners to carry out sourcing, factory audits, quality control, and order management.

Talent recognition

Our partners genuinely enjoy working with us thanks to the hundreds of CPassociates with top-level talent who are instrumental in supporting growth.

Conflict Resolution

In every business, conflict arises—both internally and with customers. CPCapital’s mantra is to resolve conflicts efficiently via our “partnership” approach, which allows relationships to flourish amid conflict.

Key Sector Focus, Consumer

CPCapital focuses on a broad variety of consumer products ranging from luxury to value price points. Our deep-seated retail and e-commerce relationships allow us to execute our hypergrowth strategies irrespective of product category.